Puppets, masked theatre and workshops

The Generous Tree

Our tree amongst the trees.
Performed at Schloss Genshagen for the Tag des Offenen Denkmals 2019.

This puppet show follows the story of our old generous tree, who gives everything to his beloved friend. His friend goes through life wanting, or ‘needing’, more and more help, until finally the tree has nothing left to give. Finally they are both so aged and worn, that they lay together – weary – and close their eyes.

This story is played using our animated, talking tree. His eyes light up, his branches fall, and his apples can feed the hungry. His friend is a ‘sand bag’ style puppet, who ages from scene to scene – therefore one character has five different puppets to represent his life journey!

Ages: 3+
Duration: 20min
Languages: German, French or English

Some trees developed during a following workshop at the America Memorial Library, Berlin 2019